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6 03 2014

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Keep a track of players stats from each week.

Gearing up for 2014

2 03 2014

As my 2014 season seemed to kick off faster than usual with a start in Myrtle Beach in late November, I haven’t had the chance to tee it up in a event since than. I was lucky enough to play Pinehurst number 2 and number 1 while on family trip south. What can I say the course was great, the hotel wasn’t to shabby either. But as the snow fails here in Buffalo still I am now getting the itch to play a tour event. I will continue my season with a start in late April. A one day event in London. My hopes are to shake the rust off and play solid the whole day. I will be able to play a few rounds down in N.C. with my buddy and part-time caddie. Our goal is four rounds of golf in three days. While also throwing a two hour long range session in the mix. I was able to reach my goals for 2013 which felt nice after coming off a huge layover and with all my life changes.


My Goals for 2014

1. Become a PGA member

2. Scoring average below 70.0

3. Earn twice the amount of money as last season

4. Enjoy the game more

5. Play my way into Euro Q-school



2014 Schedule

1 02 2014

1. Myrtle Beach Open 72,70,71,68 T2

Cape Cod pga
NY State Qualifier
Westchester Qualifier
Canada one day event

Westchester Open
Socorro pga
Canada one day event

Met qualifier
Western mass Pga
Charlie Maine open
Greater Bangor pga
Tiger town
Seaforth Classic
Waterloo open
NY state open

Met open
Manchester open
Greater Washington open
Boston pga
Enstrom rocky mtn

New England open
Habitiec pga
Wells Fargo championship

Monterey open
Canada one day event

Nevada open

Fun in the sun

18 11 2013

This past week I had the chance to play golf for the first time down in Charleston S.C. The weather wasn’t as nice as the city was. This was the first time I have played a four day event in over two years. The field was small but not easy! We had 41 players playing for the 3,500 first place check. To make a long story much shorter I was -8 for the week four off the leader David Vardon from Michigan. I was able to grab a T2 and a nice 1,800 check for the week. I was able to watch Dave play each round that week, needless to say his putting was on all week, I on the other hand seem to have left my putter back in Buffalo. I kept all my stats for the week. I hit right around 14 GIR each day and about 60 percent of the fairways. Their was plenty to take away I was happy to cash a nice check and to have a chance to win come the final round. Well I am off for now. Happy Holidays everyone !

Playing the Myrtle Beach Open

18 10 2013

Well guy’s I am all in ! To kick off my 2014 season I have signed up to play the Myrtle Beach Open next month. I am very excited to get going again and try to get better from last season.  I will have the chance to play four different course while I am down their for a week. I haven’t played much golf the past week or so but I promise I will be ready to go.

Lost in Playoff

10 10 2013

This past weekend the players gathered at Loonie Poole Golf Club. This course is anything but easy. With 60 players trying to win the $4,000 check play begin. The course was wet almost unplayable so we were playing lift clean and place. After I fired rounds of 68,66, and 70 I was very happy ! I ended up in a three man playoff. The first guy was sent home packing quick. The second guy a european player Hennie Otto was a bit much for me to take down. He made a eagle on the par 5 1st hole to capture the title. Overall my game was there, I had chances to win on both 17 and 18. I will take another top finish and hope to build off of it. 

Results for top 10 

1.Hennie Otto -12 $4,000

2.Chris Carroll -12 $2,000

3.Don Wright -12 $2,000

4.Jamie Howeill -5 $1,000

5. Ty Tyron -5 $1,000

6.Dave Seller -3 $700

7.Matt Lite -2 $500

8. Robert Damon -1 $300

9. Scoot Ford -1 $300

10.Kyle Peter E $200

O Canada !

23 09 2013

ImageCanada has treated well this season so far. I have played in total four events and made the cut in three events. Here they go as followed. Two more events in Canada

Thanks guys !

1.Rebel Creek – Won the Match Play a gold medal and $250 Cash

2.Willow Valley (68) -4 First Place $1,000 Check

3.Granite Ridge Golf Club (68)-4 Lost in Playoff $700 Check

4.Whirlpool 77 MC


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